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Timothy Greulich

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Can Am PizzaPepperoni Pizza1
Chick-fil-AChicken sandwhich and 8 piece chicken nuggets1
Chick-fil-AChicken Sandwich, 8 piece nuggets, fries3 BBQ sauce 1
Chick-fil-AClassic Chicken Sandwich, fries, and an 8 piece chicken nuggetsA few bbq sauces1
Jimmy John'sPepe1
Jimmy John'sVito1
Ooba ToobaQueso and pico quesadillachips and salsa1
Panera BreadBBQ Chicken Salad2
Panera BreadBBQ Chicken Salad and Black Bean Soup1
Panera BreadBBQ Chicken Salad and Broccoli cheese soup1
Panera BreadPick 2 - Black Bean Soup and the BBQ Chicken Salad1
Panera BreadPick 2 - Napa Almond Chicken Salad and French Onion Soup1
Square LotusChicken Fried Rice Spice Level 31
Square LotusPho Ga 1
Teriyaki TimeSweet and Sour Chicken and Wonton Soup1
Teriyaki TimeVegetable Stir Fry1
Urban PlatesChicken Club1