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Scott Price

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
ATL - Dua II go1 × B6 Pork,Shrimp and Egg roll(No Extra Shrimp Add On) - Regular Price Fish Sauce1
Can Am PizzaThe New York Deli Pizza (Meat Lovers)1
Chick-fil-AGrilled chicken club sandwich1
Chick-fil-AGrilled Market Salad and Chicken Salad Cup1
Garlic CrushBeef and Lamb Shawarma1
Homegrownwhole chicken pesto sandwich1
Jimmy John'sJJ GargantuanDiet Cola1
Jimmy John'sSlim 11
Ooba Toobachicken burro grande1
Ooba ToobaChipotle Pork Burrro Grande2
Ooba ToobaGrilled Chicken grill plate1
Panera Breadsmoked ham and swiss with everything on it1
Panera BreadSteak & Egg on Everything Bagel1
Square LotusGeneral ChickenSpice Level 3 (May Not Be A Favorite)1
Teriyaki TimeChicken Teriyaki Lunch1
Teriyaki TimeCombination Chicken and Pork1
Teriyaki TimeShrimp and Chicken1
Teriyaki TimeSuper Combo1