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Pranav Ghei

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Chick-fil-ASpicy chicken biscuit, 2 spicy chicken deluxe sandwiches (no cheese), 2 Waffle fries1
Greek ExpressChicken Plate and side of falafalNothing special1
Homegrown1/2 Hummus + Roasted Red Peppers Sandwich, 1/2 Chicken Pesto Sandwich, Cup of Veggie Chili, Potato Chips1
HomegrownSandwich - Hummus, Roasted Peppers, Add Avacado Veg Chilli Soup cup1
Jimmy John'sVeggie No MayoJalapeno Chips1
Jimmy John'sVeggie Sub (+ Turkey, No Mayo)Jalepeno Chips1
Ooba ToobaChicken Plate, extra chicken, no dairy1
Ooba ToobaGrilled chicken plate (no lactose/dairy), Chicken burrito (no tortilla, no cheese, + avacado), Chicken Plate (no rice, no creme)Extra chicken for all 31
Ooba ToobaGrilled Chicken Plate, no lactose, extra chicken1
Square LotusGinger chickenextra chicken, brown rice, spice level 51
Square LotusRed curry chickenExtra chicken1
Teriyaki TimeTeriyaki Chicken - RegularSauce on the Side1