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Janel Campbell

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Greek ExpressChicken Souvlaki PlateNo modifications!!! Yay!!1
Greek ExpressGrilled Chicken SaladNone!!!!1
HomegrownCombo # 2- Ham BeechersNo Grilled Onions PLEASE AND THANK YOU :)1
HomegrownCombo #2: BLT avocadoRequest sandwich to be cold and not hot1
HomegrownCombo #2: Salad + Ham, Egg, & Cheese SandwichLight on aioli 1
Ooba ToobaKids Cheese Nachosthanks!!!!!!!1
Ooba ToobaKids Quesadilla just cheeseSour cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ooba Toobakids quessadilla (cheese only)thank you!1
Starbuck's CoffeeCoconutty Cappucino:) :) : )1
Teriyaki TimeChicken TeriyakiSalad instead of rice (how you boys do it), and teriyaki sauce on the side :) 1