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Emily Kashare

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Chick-fil-Aspicy chix deluxe & fruit cup1
Garlic Crushchicken shawarma plate, no onions with salad falafel1
HomegrownSmoked Ham, Egg + Cheese on french1
Ooba ToobaShrimp QuesadillaNo Onions1
Panera BreadFrontega Chix no onions1
Panera Breadst pattys day smoothy BBQ chicken salad1
Square LotusChicken Vietnamese Rice NoodlesNo Peanuts (Low or No Spice)1
Square LotusVietnamese Rice Noodle with Chicken1
Teriyaki TimeChicken Teriyaki LunchSauce on the Side1
Teriyaki TimeChix Teriyaki, sauce on side1
Teriyaki TimeTeriyaki Chicken (sauce on side)1