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Claire Christian

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Can Am PizzaBoring Cheese Pizza1
Chick-fil-AGrilled Market SaladNO BLEU CHEESE; dressing on the side. FRIES!1
Chick-fil-AGrilled Market Salad (No Bleu Cheese, No Dressing)Fries on the side :)1
Chick-fil-AMarket Salad1
Garlic Crushkids chicken kebab1
Greek ExpressGrilled Chicken SaladNo dressing/sauce; pita bread on the side? Thanks!1
HomegrownCaprese (full) +chipsserved cold and light pesto please1
HomegrownCombo #2: Caprese Sandwich (not heated) side salad (no dressing)None1
Homegrownhalf capreselight pesto3
Jimmy John'sTurkey - no mayo+Chips1
Midwood Smokehouseall the bbqcan this be delivered to seattle?1
Ooba ToobaKids QuessadillaPLAIN - NO PICO DE GUY-O. Thanks!1
Ooba Toobakids quessadilla (light cheese only)thanks chris!1
Ooba ToobaPlain QuessadillaThanks!1
Panera BreadRoasted Turkey & Avocado Sandwich; side: ChipsNO Mayo; NO Bacon1
Panera Breadsumma saladno cheese/dressing1
Panera Breadturkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado on toasted sourdoughno cheese or mayo! gross. plus those chips i like :)1
Starbuck's CoffeeGrande Nonfat Latte3