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Chris Walker

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Chick-fil-AGrilled NuggetsWaffle Fries1
Chick-fil-ASpicy Chicken Deluxe SandwichWaffle Fries1
Chick-fil-ASpicy Chicken Sandwich MealNo Pickles1
Dean & DelucaCajun Chicken SandwichNo cucumbers 1
Garlic CrushChicken Kebab SaladExtra Chicken1
Greek ExpressCombo PlateGrilled Vegetables1
HomegrownWhole Chicken Pesto1
HomegrownWhole Chicken Pesto Sandwich on WholegrainNone1
Jimmy John'sFood1
Jimmy John'sTurkey and Cheese1
Jimmy John'sUnwich Country ClubNo Mayo, Cheese, or Tomato; EZ Lettuce and Ham1
Macs Speed ShopChainsaw’s BBQ Chicken SandwichMac’s Chili add $1, Applewood Smoked Bacon add $11
Ooba ToobaChicken PlateExtra Chicken, No Rice and Beans, Extra Veggies2
Ooba ToobaGood food Fast1
Ooba ToobaGrilled Chicken Plate with Extra Chicken1
Ooba ToobaLow Carb SpecialExtra Chicken1
Panda Expresshello1
Panera BreadFoodNow1
Panera BreadTacos from Panera?Cookies1
Panera BreadWhole BBQ Chicken SaladNo (Frizzled Onions; BBQ Ranch; Romaine Lettuce) Add (Extra Chicken; Avocado; Salt & Pepper; Spinach; Field Greens; Feta)3
Square LotusChicken and BroccoliExtra Chicken Spice Level 53
Square LotusGood food Spicy1
Starbuck's CoffeeLots of Coffee1
Teriyaki TimeChicken Teriyaki LunchSauce on the Side2
Teriyaki TimeSpicy Chicken TeriyakiNo Rice, All Salad1
Teriyaki TimeTeriyaki Chicken - Regular SizeSauce on the Side1