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Chris Hane

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Chick-fil-Achicken sandwich, lettuce, tomatochick-fil-a sauce, waffle fries, choc shake1
Chick-fil-Agrilled chicken sandwichfries - choc shake1
Jimmy John'sTurkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mustardCookie and BBQ Chips1
Jimmy John'sturkey with mustard, lettuce, tomatochoc chip cookie, BBQ chips1
Ooba ToobaGrilled Chicken Plate1
Panera Breadpick 2: greek salad - no onions; black bean soup1
Square LotusTofu Fried RiceBrown Rice, With Egg Spice Level 31
Square Lotusveggie fried rice - brown rice - egg and tofusoy sauce1
Square Lotusveggie fried rice - brown rice - egg is ok; medium spicecouple of packets of soy sauce1
Starbuck's CoffeeGrande HC1
Teriyaki Timechicken teryaki1