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Brandon Barron

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
ATL - Dua II goSteak Salad1
Can Am PizzaChicken Caesar1
Chick-fil-ASpicy Chicken2
Chick-fil-ASpicy Chicken Delux Meal1
Chick-fil-ASpicy Southwest Salad1
CookoutRegular Burger - Steakstyle, onion rings, slaw, bottled water1
Garlic CrushChicken Kebab SaladThe good whites sauce1
Greek ExpressGyro SaladNo olives or funny business2
HomegrownCombo 2 - Turkey Cran w/ side salad null1
Homegrownhalf Smoked Pastrami, a cup of tomato bisque and Potato Chips1
HomegrownRoasted Chicken Salad & Whole PB+J1
Jimmy John'sBeach Club UnwhichEZ Mayo + Jalapeno Chips1
Jimmy John'sCountry Club UnwhichEZ Mayo + Jalapano chips1
Ooba ToobaLow Carb SpecialVeggie Goodness :)2
Ooba ToobaLow Carb Special - Veggienull2
Panera BreadA Low Carb SaladExtra Bread1
Panera BreadWhatever Chris is getting1
Panera BreadWhole BBQ Chicken SaladNo (Frizzled Onions; BBQ Ranch; Romaine Lettuce) Add (Extra Chicken; Avocado; Salt & Pepper; Spinach; Field Greens; Feta)3
Square LotusBeef SaladIf they ask how hot, make it spicy (4)1
Starbuck's CoffeeCocoNut Latte (Grande)Can I get it in a Holiday cup?1
Teriyaki TimeLarge Spicy ChickenAll Salad - No Rice :)1
Teriyaki Timespicy chicken (large)All salad no rice rice baby1
Teriyaki TimeSpicy Chicken LargeExtra Salad3