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Angel Hollis Vaccaro

Lunch SpotItemNotesFrequency
Chick-fil-Achicken sandwich + friessauces1
Chick-fil-AChicken Sandwich and French friesChik fila sauce - 21
Greek ExpressChicken Kabob PlateHummus and Tzatiki1
Jimmy John'sBig John Add cheese and hot peppers3
Panera Breadbroccoli cheddar soup + frontega chicken panini + 1
Panera BreadPick 2 - Frontega Chicken Panini and a tomato soup 1
Panera Breadtomato soup + Frontega Chicken Panini1
Square LotusChicken Fried Rice (4)Brown Rice, Regular Spice Level1
Urban PlatesCobb SaladDressing on the side.1